Ala Carte


  • Papadum & Homemade Chutneys

  • Chickpea & Tahini Dip

    Chickpea, Tahini & lemon juice topped with chickpea & served with plain naan
  • Crispy Lady Fingers (V) (G)

    Fried okra in chickpea batter with dry mango powder
  • Spinach & Onion Bhajia (V) (G)

    Fresh spinach, fennel & onion spiced bhaji
  • Classic Punjabi Samosa (V)

    Stuffed Samosas with tempered potatoes, peas and spices
  • Chips

  • Cheese chips/Cajun spice chips



  • Goat Cheese & Sweet Potato Patties (V) (D)

    Fried sweet potato and goat cheese patties, served with tamarind, green chutney, spiced yoghurt and nylon sev
  • Chilli & Garlic Mogo

    Mogo tossed with crushed chilli, garlic and coriander
  • Masala Mogo

    Fried mogo tossed with pepper, onion, chilli and soy sauce
  • Chilli Paneer

    Crispy, marinated Indian cottage cheese fried in chilli sauce with peppers and spring onion
  • Chilli Chicken

    Crispy, marinated chicken morsels fried in chilli sauce with peppers and spring onion
  • Cod Pakora (S) (G)

    Fried cod fillets in spiced batter
  • Drunken Prawns (S)

    Cider soaked tiger prawns, marinated in English mustard, sautéed with peppers, garlic and spring onion


  • Dhaba Palak Paneer (V) (D) (G)

    Paneer with spinach, onion masala, ginger & cream
  • Paneer Butter Masala (V) (D) (K)

    Paneer in a creamy tomato & butter sauce
  • Kadai Paneer (D) (K) (V)

    Cottage cheese cooked in a tomato and onion sauce, flavoured with bell peppers and Kadai masala
  • Vegan Pancharatan (V) (K)

    Assorted garden vegetables, bell peppers & onion tossed in ground spices
  • Butter Chicken (D) (K)

    Tender chicken in a rich, spiced tomato and cream sauce -The most trending Indian dish across the Globe.
  • Chicken Tikka Masala (D) (K) (N)

    A slightly more traditional take on a combination loved across the country. Smoked chicken simmered in a fragrant tomato, coconut and almond sauce
  • Chicken Jal-frezi (K)

    Grilled chicken, stir-fried with juliennes of chillies, ginger, onions and bell peppers
  • Pistachio Murgh Korma (N)

    Boneless pieces of chicken simmered in a brown onion and pistachio cream, flavoured with aromatic spices
  • Kadai Murgh

    Succulent boneless chicken cooked in an onion and tomato sauce, flavoured with peppers and kadai masala
  • Methi Chicken (D)

    Chicken cooked in a fresh fenugreek leaves, finished with roasted black pepper and cumin
  • Lamb Rogan Josh (K)

    A signature Kashmiri recipe of lamb cooked in Kashmiri red chillies, cinnamon and cardamom
  • Lamb Mughlai Korma (D)

    Succulent lamb, cooked in aromatic spices, enhanced with cardamom, saffron, nuts and cream.
  • Gosht Saagwala

    Lamb cooked in a puree of spinach and fenugreek leave with ginger and garlic seasoning
  • Malabar Curry (S)

    King Fish£15|
    A speciality from Kerala, fresh seasonal fish or chicken stewed in a coconut, tamarind and tomato gravy
  • Prawn Moilee (S) (K)

    A Kerala favourite prawns with coconut, onions, tomato, fresh curry leaves and mustard seeds.
  • Madras Curry (N)(S)

    The much-adored street food found all over India, originating from Madras (Chennai)
  • Dum Biryani (V) (D)

    Chicken Biryani£15|
    Lamb Biryani£16|
    Biryani is famous as a ceremonial dish on the Indian subcontinent. Exotically spiced chicken or lamb, served with saffron rice

Sides / Salads

  • Bombay Aloo

    Slow cooked potato with cumin, garlic, tomato, onion and fresh coriander leaves
  • Chick Pea Curry

    Soft chick peas cooked with caraway seeds and onion masala
  • Saag Aloo / Saag Mushroom

    Spinach cooked with onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and potato or mushroom
  • Bhindi Dopiaza

    Diced Okra tossed in onions, tomatoes and mild spices
  • Dal Tadka

    Yellow split and red lentil, tempered with garlic & cumin
  • Dal Bukhara (D)

    A harmony of black lentils, tomatoes, ginger and garlic, simmered overnight on coal and finished with cream and unsalted butter
  • Garden Fresh Salad (K)

    Sliced Cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, salad leaves & fried green chillies with chaat masala & lemon
  • Cucumber & Cumin Raitha (K)

    Seasoned fresh yoghurt with chopped cucumbers, roasted cumin & mint leaves


  • Pulao Rice

    Saffron flavoured basmati rice
  • Steamed Rice

    Steamed basmati rice
  • Mushroom & Garlic Rice

    Sautéed garlic and button mushrooms with basmati rice
  • Lemon Rice

    Basmati rice tempered with chilli, lemon and mustard
  • Naan (D)

    Piping hot naan bread fresh from the Tandoori
  • Choice Of Naan (D)

    Naan with your choice of Garlic, chilli, or cheese
  • Keema Naan

    Freshly baked Naan, filled with minced meat
  • Peshwari Naan (N) (D)

    Freshly baked Naan bread, filled with coconut and almond
  • Tandoori Roti

    Baked Wheat flour flat tandoor bread
  • Lachha Paratha (D)

    Baked & layered whole wheat tandoor bread
  • Bread Basket

    ( Butter Naan, Roti, Peshwari Naan )